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Vietnam outdoor glazed ceramic rectangle pot

The  outdoor glazed ceramic pot features a classic design with a scalloped top rim and detailed base of the planter. A  rectangle pot is a great choice for empty outdoor spaces.  You will love the touch of detail against this classic pot!

Size               20cm Long x 13cm Wide x 10cm Deep 
Color             Blue; Shiny Black
Material        Ceramic
Shape           Round
Brand            Hoang pottery

Usage            Indoor , Outdoor
This outdoor glazed ceramic rectangle pot looks amazing when rolling solo or when grouped with others.  It works brilliantly as a vase for your flowers or as a hanging planter for your succulents.These Glazed Cute Rectangle Pots could be used as a Bonsai Pot, for a dwarf flowering annual such as a pansy or for a herb such as Chives.
Hoang Pottery Ltd is Vietnam pottery supplier of the highest quality service to all customers at reasonable prices over a wide range of products covering indoor pottery, outdoor glazed lines (flower pot), terracotta, terrazzo, cement, black clay, vases, fiberglass, fiberstone and others. Our policy of total quality management is fully applied to guarantee the quality, productivity, corporate values as well as social and environmental compliance.

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