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Ceramic Resin Ella Teak Tall Planter

The Ella Tall Ceramic Planter will enhance the look of your indoor or outdoor decor with towering design and an interesting swirl pattern. Combined with a durable construction of stone and resin, you'll be enjoying this one-of-a-kind planter for years to come. Order yours today.

Perfect to showcase your plants, this attractive and stylish Tall Ceramic Planter looks great indoors or outdoors. Manufactured from clay, which takes away the drawbacks of using ceramics, this planter is a contemporary design of a very traditional and classic product. It will enhance any area needing a stunning visual impact.

Planters make it possible for anyone to experience the joy of gardening and provide the opportunity to cultivate and produce favourite herbs, vegetables as well as plants, flowers, shrubs and even small trees.

I love these planters and have ordered some more. I have patio roses in them and they absolutely fabulous.These planters are lovely and in a small garden they work really well. Bought two and then bought more!

14" Planter - 14Lx14Wx13D

18" Planter - 18Lx18Wx17D
22" Planter - 22Lx22Wx21D

Material        tall Ceramic pot

Shape           Round

Brand            Hoang pottery
Usage            Indoor , Outdoor
Hoang Pottery Ltd is Vietnam pottery supplier of the highest quality service to all customers at reasonable prices over a wide range of products covering indoor pottery, outdoor glazed lines (flower pot), terracotta, terrazzo, cement, black clay, vases, fiberglass, fiberstone and others. Our policy of total quality management is fully applied to guarantee the quality, productivity, corporate values as well as social and environmental compliance.

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