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Vietnam outdoor glazed big size pot

Vietnam outdoor glazed big size pot

A must-have for forward thinking gardeners, this superb black Caoutdoor glazed Planter features a unique, natural and contemporary design. Made from crushed granite and marble and bonded together with resin to give it a heavyweight look, it is light enough to move around with little effort. You can create a really eye-catching, vibrant display of colour in this appealing Glazed ceramic Planter.

We know how much energy you pour into your outdoor gardens and landscaping, and we can assure you the Outdoor glazed ceramic pot will perfectly highlight the fruits of your labors without totally stealing the show. This round, low-profile planter comes in seven bright or natural finishes to complement your natural art forms, providing a pretty base for every spray of potted plants' flowers. Glazed ceramic is suitable for outdoor and indoor use, and its sturdy 5-pound weight won't tip easily. Go ahead and get a couple - you'll want them greeting friend up the front stairs to the door.

Ceramic Pot is crafted with porous Big size pot that allows plants' roots to breathe. The drainage hole prevents overwatering promoting plant health. Big size ceramic pot will develop a beautiful patina color over time.
Glazed ceramic material is porous and allows roots to breathe
Drainage hole helps protect against over watering
Large size is perfect for outdoor use
Ceramic color works well with any decor
Plant not included

Product may vary by Hoang pottery life to your surrounds and create a more welcoming environment. The possibilities are endless with so many different sizes and combinations available. These commercial grade, rebar reinforced round ceramic
 planters are ideal for planting flowers, bushes and trees. The heavy construction of concrete is strong enough to support even large root systems. Drain holes are standard.

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