Basic outdoor ceramic pot

Basic outdoor ceramic pot

This beautiful glazed planter collection set is sure to be the perfect addition in your garden, front yard, or patio.  The Basic outdoor glazed coleection is always a beautiful and intricate planter that will make a lovely home for any plant or flower. Our outdoor glazed is vietnam pottery and will really make your garden stand out, with its vibrant and delightful coloration!
44d x 38h - 34d x 33h
29d x26h - 20d x 20h
                           BASIC K002 SET/3
                                               35d x 26h                       
                        25d x 19h - 19d x 15h

62d x 51h - 50d x 40h
40d x 32h - 30d x 24h
                                  BASIC K006 SET/3
59d x 52h                      
                      41d x 40h - 29d x 29h

Here is a representative sample of our basic ceramic outdoor pots  collection. Download our catalog for a more comprehensive selection. If you would like pricing for a custom design, visit "Contact us" or visit section and submit details.

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